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E-Cloth Washing Up Pad

E Cloth 1s

Forget disposable sponges - E-Cloth´s Washing Up Pad is where it´s at. Designed to take... Read more

Forget disposable sponges - E-Cloth´s Washing Up Pad is where it´s at. Designed to take on the filthiest dishes you can throw at it, the Washing Up Pad can be used with just water or with your favourite washing up liquid. Scrub away tough burnt-on food and debris with one side and then use the soft cloth side for gentler cleaning. You´ll be pleased to hear this pad is safe to use on your non-stick pans.


Cruelty Free
Plastic Free

How to use

Rinse and wring out your Washing Up Pad after use each day, and each week pop it in the washing machine on a hot cycle with a smidgeon of detergent (don’t use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets). Hang it up to dry before using it, and if you ever want to sanitise and degrease it, simply boil it in plain water. PS - if you do accidentally use fabric softener to clean it, wash it again with a bit of detergent on the highest temperature setting.


Materials: Yellow side: 81% polyester, 19% polyamide; Scrubby side: 100% polyester; Interior Sponge: 100% polyurethane Dimensions: 15cm x 8cm

About the brand

The story of these reusable, chemical-free cloths started more than twenty years ago with a guy named Steve Pearson. Intrigued by the idea of cleaning without chemicals, Steve set out to manufacture the world’s best natural cleaning system.

He started humbly, in a one-room office with a cardboard box filled with 300 premium quality microfibres, determined to bring the eco-friendly cleaning concept to as many homes as possible. Through the years, E-Cloth has remained committed to the ideal of producing reusable, chemical-free cloths that clean better than anything else.

What started as one man’s vision – chemical-free cleaning that really cleans – has become a lifestyle choice for many around the globe. As more people have become intentional about embracing sustainability, E-Cloth is proud to be the partner that helps keep your home, gadgets, and car clean, without chemicals and unnecessary waste.


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