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These products are kinder to the environment because they’re biodegradable, which means that they can be broken down by living organisms like bacteria - so rather than polluting the earth, they’ll eventually blend back in with it, even if they’re in landfill.


Bisphenol A - better known as BPA - is a chemical found in some plastics, including many used to make packaging for food and household products. For peace of mind from the potential health concerns associated with BPA, shop from these BPA-free products.


Carbon Neutral

If you’re keeping an eye on your carbon footprint, you’ll be glad to know that these products are carbon neutral. That means that there’s been no net release of carbon into the atmosphere while creating them, often thanks to carbon offsetting.

Certified B-Corp

These products are created by businesses who’ve been certified as B-Corps. These are organisations who use business as a force for good, and they’ve had to meet rigorous standards to show they’re committed to doing right by the environment and the people they come into contact with.

Charitable contribution

A portion of the purchase price of these products goes to charity, so you can do your household shopping knowing that you’re helping to benefit some worthy causes in the process.


Compostable products are designed to break down quickly and effectively in composting conditions. That means that for eco-friendly disposing, you can safely throw them on the compost heap once you’re done with them.


The products you see here are all cruelty-free, meaning they’ve been manufactured in a way that doesn’t involve cruelty to animals. This typically means that they haven’t been tested on animals.



Need to avoid dairy? These products are all dairy-free, so if you’re dairy-intolerant or allergic - or you’re just avoiding animal products full stop - these have your name written all over them.



If you’re making an effort to buy more consciously and want to ensure farmers in developing countries get a better deal for their produce, shop Fairtrade. Fairtrade products require companies to pay producers in developing countries a fair price, which never goes below market value. It’s also about ensuring better working conditions and local sustainability.

Family-owned business

Say no to big, faceless corporations. Shop from these products and you’ll know you’re doing your bit to support small, independent businesses run by families like yours.

Female-founded business

Want to support businesses with women at the helm? You’re in luck - these products are all made by businesses whose founders are women.


Fragrances may make products smell nice, but the synthetic chemicals used to create the scent can wreak havoc for those with sensitive skin. These fragrance-free products are ideal if your skin tends to be irritated by scented products.

FSC Certified

Products such as wood and paper with the FSC logo come from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or from reclaimed sources, so you’ll know that they come from sustainably managed forests that will be around for many generations to come.



You can be confident that these tasty products are totally gluten-free, making them suitable for coeliac sufferers and anyone else on a gluten-free diet. There’s no compromising here - they’re just as delicious as their gluten-filled cousins.



If you’re after something less mass-produced than your average supermarket fodder, you’ve come to the right place. These products are created by hand, so you’ll know that rather than coming from a machine production line, they’re the work of an actual human being.


Made in the UK

Looking for products from home soil? You’re in luck - these products have all been manufactured right here in the UK. This means they’ve travelled fewer miles, lowering your carbon footprint and supporting the local economy by creating jobs.

Minority-owned businesses

Support diversity by shopping from among these products, each created by minority-owned businesses - typically those that are at least 51% owned by members of an ethnic minority. Buying these products, you’ll know that you’re being more representative with your shopping.



Allergic to nuts? With these products, you won’t have to worry. They’re all completely nut-free, so you use them with confidence.



Steer clear of nasty chemicals and the health concerns they’re associated with by shopping organic. These products have all been made without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial substances.


Palm oil-free

Say no to nasty palm oil, a major driver of deforestation and climate change. We’re pleased to say that none of these products contain any of the horrid stuff, making them a whole lot better for the environment.


Concerned about the potentially harmful effects of parabens on your health? Get some peace of mind by shopping from these paraben-free products. Parabens act as a preservative, so paraben-free products typically have a shorter shelf-life - but you’ll have the confidence that you’re making a safer choice.


Do you share your home with a furry companion? Then choose from this selection of pet-friendly products, which have been carefully tested to make sure they’re safe to use around your four-legged friends.


Phthalates are chemical compounds used to make substances such as PVC, and they’re associated with a number of health concerns. Shop from these phthalate-free products for peace of mind.

Plant-based ingredients

These products are made with plant-based ingredients, meaning they’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians and for anyone looking to make more conscious decisions about what they buy.


Do your bit to cut down on plastic by shopping from among these plastic-free products, which are all made with more eco-friendly alternatives that don’t (literally) cost the earth.



Nobody wants waste ending up in environmentally harmful landfill, and if it can’t be reused then recycling it is the next best thing. These products and/or their packaging can all be recycled, so you can do your bit to keep waste to a minimum.


If you’re keen to do your bit to reduce waste, you’ll be pleased to know that these products are made from recycled materials. This has loads of environmental benefits, from using up fewer natural resources to saving energy.


Reduce the amount of waste your household generates by topping up your existing bottles with these refills. It’s a great way to keep packaging in use, keeping it out of landfill and using it to its full potential.


One way to reduce waste is to reuse things as much as possible. The products you see here can all be used again and again, either by you or by someone else when you’ve finished with them.



Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, better known as just sulphate or SLS, is a chemical found in many shampoos and other cosmetics. It’s a foaming agent, but it’s also a harsh chemical that can irritate your skin. These products are SLS-free, making them better if you have sensitive skin or an itchy, flaky scalp.

Suitable for sensitive skin/hypoallergenic

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you need gentle products that won’t irritate your skin. Shop from these products for peace of mind: they’re all hypoallergenic and/or suitable for sensitive skin.



These products are all vegan-friendly, meaning they’re entirely free from animal-derived substances - perfect for anyone following a vegan lifestyle.


These products are completely free from meat and fish and their by-products, so they’re suitable for vegetarians.