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Tips & Advice 5 min read

Making the switch to shampoo bars

Written by: Caara team October 12, 2020

Today we’re talking shampoo bars. No, not that kind of bar. We’re referring to shampoo that comes in a solid form, like a bar of soap. Increasingly popular, shampoo bars are one of the many great toiletry swaps you can make to help tackle the scourge of single use plastic. They’re a great way to do away with pesky plastic bottles, and can be sold in recyclable paper packaging that’s an awful lot nicer to the planet. If you’ve never used shampoo bars before, you might find they take a little getting used to - so here are some insider tips to help you make a stress-free switch.

You need less than you think

If you’re used to taking a big dollop of liquid shampoo every time you wash your hair, you might be surprised by how little of the solid shampoo you need to achieve the same result. The best thing about this is that it means the bars last for ages! 

Work it up into a later in your hands

With liquid shampoo, the satisfying business of lathering up the shampoo happens once you’ve already put it in your hair. When you’re using shampoo bars, you’ll probably find it works best to work it up into a lather in your hands before putting it into your hair. 

Rinse thoroughly

You may find that it takes longer to rinse the product out of your hair than you’re used to with regular shampoo - that’s normal, and it’s particularly true if you live in a hard water area. It’s just because solid shampoo bars don’t contain the same detergent as your average liquid shampoo, so it doesn’t wash out quite as easily.

Give it time

It’ll take your hair a bit of time to adjust to your new shampoo regime, so if you’re not sure about it after the first wash, give it a second, third and fourth chance. Your hair is used to being overloaded with all the harsh chemicals present in liquid shampoo, so you need to give it a chance to recover and to regain the balance of oils it produces naturally to keep your hair shiny. This could take a few weeks, so give your new shampoo bars time to work their magic and you’ll be glad your persistence paid off.

 Willing to take the plunge and give shampoo bars a try? The ones from Faith in Nature are some of our favourites. Available in a choice of gorgeous scents including dragon fruit and lavender and geranium, these are a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of shampoo bars. Enjoy!