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At Caara, we're here to help you look after your Happy Place

Caara is a place for people who care. Shop with us and look after your home, family and pets with conscious products from exciting brands whose values align with yours. From vegan-friendly to female-led, mainstream to independent, the brands we work with have one thing in common: a commitment to doing what’s right.

We believe better-for-you brands should take centre stage in today’s world – they shouldn’t be shoved out of the way in a little corner of the supermarket. We think they should be everyone’s first choice for day-to-day shopping, and that’s why we’ve created Caara: to showcase the best and most innovative conscious brands.

Browse our aisles and you’ll discover the best for yourself, your home and your families, all handpicked and curated by our team.

You can also head to our blog to read reviews of the latest and greatest products, plus genius tips and tricks to use around your home.

How we work

We’re much, much more than just great products for your home.

Look after your happy place

Home is where the heart is, so take good care of it with our expertly curated range of ethical household products made by brands who care about people and planet.

Shop by your values

We value good values, and that’s why we make conscious shopping effortless. At Caara, shop exclusively by what matters to you – from vegan and cruelty-free to B-Corp or female-founded businesses.

Join our Community

We’re a community of people who care – welcome! From the best ethical coffees to housework hacks to interviews with exciting new conscious brands, read all about it over at our blog.