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Delphis Floor & Surface Gel Cleaner

Delphis 700ml

Whether you´re armed with a mop or a cloth, this Floor & Surface Gel Cleaner... Read more

Whether you´re armed with a mop or a cloth, this Floor & Surface Gel Cleaner from Delphis is the highly efficient cleaner you´ll want by your side. Perfect for mopping and general cleaning, you can use this EU Ecolabel-accredited cleaner on all sorts of surfaces - floors, kitchen worktops, paintwork, metal, glass, rubber‚? you name it. You can even use it with pressure and power washers. Now that´s what we call versatile.


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Certified B Corp
Cruelty Free
Made In The UK

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How to use

Simply pop a small amount of cleaner onto a damp cloth and wipe the surface - you might want to leave it for a few minutes before wiping if it’s particularly dirty. If you’re cleaning larger areas, it’s easiest to use a mop and bucket and dilute 30ml of floor cleaner in 3 litres of water.


Made from plant-derived renewable and sustainable resources. Detergents Directive 648/2004: Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, 5% or over but less than 15% anionic surfactants, Perfume. Free from: Petroleum Solvent

About the brand

As one of the top leading eco cleaning product brands, Delphis Eco was the first chemical manufacturer to be awarded the DEFRA-administered EU Ecolabel accreditation. Today Delphis boasts the largest range of EU Ecolabel products in the UK and it is one of the only companies that exclusively manufactures environmentally friendly chemicals that have won numerous awards for corporate sustainability.

Delphis Eco products have demonstrated that you can switch to a more earth-friendly range of cleaning chemicals without having to break the bank, and with a range of cleaning chemicals that are concentrated, highly effective and efficient, it means that you need to use less of them to achieve the same results. All of these Delphis Eco green cleaners exclusively use plant-based, sustainable, and biodegradable ingredients, as well as being phosphate and phosphonate free, so you can reduce your impact on the environment.


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