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Clothes Doctor Fabric Softener Basil & Mandarin

Clothes Doctor 1ltr

Combining the peppery aroma of basil with the invigorating fragrance of mandarin leaf, we have... Read more

Combining the peppery aroma of basil with the invigorating fragrance of mandarin leaf, we have created the ultimate eco-friendly fabric conditioner, using real essential oils to soften and detoxify your favourite garments. We have carefully selected our ingredients to be locally sourced and palm oil free, protecting orangutans´ natural habitats. Wait, there´s more: unlike the rest of the fab con pack, our delicate softener is free from formaldehyde and micro-plastics, making it biodegradable and ocean-friendly ¬ yay!
It is perfect for regular use on non-absorbent fabrics, especially cotton, wool and everyday items. With absorbent fabrics, we recommend alternating use on towels, but avoiding use on sportswear.


Cruelty Free
Made In The UK
Palm Oil Free
Plant Based Ingredients
Plastic Free

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How to use

(1 cap = 6ml) Small load: 0.5 caps (3 - 5ml), medium: 1 cap (5 - 7ml), heavy: 1.5 caps (7 - 10ml) pour into the softener compartment of your machine drawer along with your detergent.


< 5% cationic surfactants, perfumes. Contains d-limonene, linalool, lilial.

About the brand

Clothes Doctor was founded by Lulu O’Connor in 2017. It was imagines as a platform to help people extend the life of their clothes by cleaning, protecting, repairing and altering, the way our parents and grandparents did. Their belief is that, due to the rise of fast fashion, consumers across the Western World have lost touch with these important skills, and that’s where Clothes Doctor comes into the picture with their products, services and advice, so they can help people reconnect with their clothing and love their wardrobe again.

Huge promoters of slow fashion, Clothes Doctor acknowledge the importance of giving new life to your clothes. By extending the life of your clothes by 9 months, you can reduce their carbon, water, and landfill footprint by up to 30% - and this is a fact that can simply not be overlooked, if you ask us.

With their eco-friendly detergents and plastic free clothing care products, Clothes Doctor gives you the tools you need to join the slow fashion revolution.


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